Bridging and Uniting the Cosmos: Hopers Announces Listing of $KUJI
2 min readFeb 5


Kujira Listing

Hopers is thrilled to announce the listing of $KUJI, the token of the sustainable #FinTech ecosystem, Kujira. We believe in the potential of what the team of Kujira can deliver and we want to show our support by incentivizing the pool. Kujira is known for delivering top-notch decentralized applications to the #CosmosEcosystem.

Building on Cosmos

But our support for Kujira goes beyond just a simple listing. Hopers has a larger goal in mind — to bridge and unite all the L1 communities on the #Cosmos. By supporting L1s like Kujira, we are working towards a more connected and sustainable future for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Quora Inner Circle data

Recently, Kujira has been making waves in the crypto space and has been noted as one of the fastest-growing chains in terms of Total Value Locked. With an impressive increase of 148% according to Quora Inner Circle, Kujira is quickly becoming a major player in the DeFi space. By including it on HopersDex, we want to provide our users with access to this exciting and growing asset, as well as further expand our offerings in the interchain economy.

Seamless transfer of assets between the Kujira and JUNO

And to further that goal, we’re proud to announce the opening of the gates for seamless economic flow between $JUNO & $KUJIRA! Our new IBC relayer allows for seamless transfer of assets between the two L1 chains. This opens up new opportunities for interchain commerce and is a crucial step towards unlocking the full potential of #IBC interchain economy.

At Hopers, we believe that the future of the crypto industry lies in bridging the gap between different communities and ecosystems. Our listing of $KUJI and the opening of the IBC relayer is just the beginning of our journey towards a more connected and sustainable future for the Cosmos ecosystem. Join us as we work towards a better tomorrow!

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