$Evmos joins the ranks of IBC assets on HopersDex launched on $JUNO

3 min readFeb 13


New listing offers a new level of liquidity and usability for the Cosmos ecosystem

We are thrilled to announce the listing of $EVMOS, the revolutionary inter-blockchain communication protocol, on HopersDex. EVMOS, the native cryptocurrency token on the Evmos network, is now part of the IBC assets available on the $Juno ecosystem for the first time, providing the community with more usability for all cosmonauts.
The addition of EVMOS is a significant step towards unlocking interoperability across multiple chains in the Cosmos ecosystem. Hopers is dedicated to providing value to its users, and the listing of EVMOS is a testament to this commitment. HopersDex now supports the deposit and withdrawal of $EVMOS, making it easier for users to trade and hold it.

Incentives for $EVMOS

At HopersDex, we strive to provide value to our users, and we are excited to offer incentives to the $EVMOS community. Our incentivized pool, featuring an attractive APR, is just the beginning of what we have planned for our EVMOS users. By providing liquidity to the $HOPERS/$EVMOS pair, users can earn a return on their investment and add utility to their EVMOS tokens. We believe this is a great way to reward our community and encourage them to engage with our platform.

Evmos, the first IBC-compatible EVM-based chain, brings composability, interoperability, and fast finality to Ethereum.

EVMOS is the first IBC-compatible EVM-based chain, fully compatible with Ethereum and interoperable with other Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (BFT) chains through IBC. EVMOS allows projects to run Ethereum as a Cosmos application-specific backend, providing developers with the benefits of Cosmos through interoperability of cross-chain technologies.
It’s a proof-of-stake based and scalable, running on top of the Tendermint Core consensus engine, which allows developers to use Ethereum’s specific capabilities while enjoying Tendermint’s proof-of-stake implementation.

Evmos’ unique approach to inter-chain communication offers developers and users new opportunities

EVMOS leverages a standard called Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), which is based on a light client relay design that guarantees valid delivery without placing trust in intermediate entities.
The community aims to align three key actors: validators, developers, and users. It incentivizes developers to build on the platform while offering users rewards for utilizing applications. The EVMOS community introduced the Rektdrop, which was the first Cosmos and Ethereum joint airdrop and the first implementation of a Gasdrop. The Rektdrop aimed to incentivize users who were willing to take the most perilous journeys to the new world by offering rewards and recognition to trailblazers.

Evmos unique approach to inter-chain communication offers developers and users new opportunities.

EVMOS is built with cross-chain in mind and is designed to avoid economic fragmentation and bridging risk. The cross-chain approach means that applications can avoid being siloed, and every community, asset, and feature is potentially within reach, allowing developers to focus on building the best application possible for their respective use case. It uses IBC, which has been adopted by more than 50 chains, including upcoming implementations on Avalanche and NEAR.

HopersDex is dedicated to providing value to its users by enabling seamless trading between all IBC assets, like Evmos, to the Juno ecosystem

At HopersDex, users can now provide liquidity and earn a return on their investment in $HOPERS in the pool $HOPERS/$EVMOS pair. Hopers is dedicated to bringing the best of the inter-chain economy to its platform and offering seamless trading between all IBC assets, including EVMOS, to the Juno ecosystem.
In conclusion, we are excited to see what the future holds for EVMOS and the rest of the inter-chain economy on the Cosmos ecosystem. At HopersDex, we remain committed to providing our users with the most innovative blockchain-based technologies and tokens.

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