$Mars protocol has Landed on HopersDex and $JUNO

2 min readFeb 8


We are proud to announce the listing of $MARS, the cutting-edge decentralized credit protocol, on HopersDex. $MARS has joined the ranks of other IBC assets on the Juno platform and is planning to make a huge impact in the Cosmos ecosystem. With its arrival, the Juno community has gained access to a new level of liquidity and usability for all cosmonauts.

New IBC relayer to deposit and withdraw $MARS on $JUNO

At Hopers, we are dedicated to providing value to our users. The listing of $MARS is a testament to this commitment, as it brings a new dimension to the interchain economy on Juno. The IBC relayer now supports the deposit and withdrawal of $MARS, making it easier for users to trade and hold this exciting new token.

What is Mars Protocol?

But what is $MARS, and why is it such a big deal? The Mars Protocol is a decentralized, self-sovereign, inter-chain, and community-governed credit protocol designed for the future. It brings improvements to Contract-to-Contract lending and empowers end-users with access to leverage when interacting with other DeFi protocols. In short, Mars Protocol provides a new level of financial freedom and opportunity for users in the Cosmos ecosystem.

$HOPERS Incentives

The incentivized pool on HopersDex, with its attractive APR, is just the beginning of what we have in store for the $MARS community. The pool allows users to earn a return on their investment in $HOPERS by providing liquidity to the $HOPERS/$MARS pair. This is a way to add utility to the $MARS token holders.

Hopers is on a mission to bring the best of the interchain economy to our platform and offer seamless trading between all IBC assets, like $Mars, to the Juno ecosystem. Our journey has just begun, and we are thrilled to see what the future holds for the Mars Protocol and the rest of the interchain economy on the Cosmos ecosystem.

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